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Allanté V. Whitmore, Ph.D.


Allanté V. Whitmore, Ph.D. currently serves as the Director of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Initiative for the Coalition for Reimagined Mobility (ReMo) at SAFE. The AV Initiative has led the effort to study and quantify many of the benefits that these new technologies can offer and will continue to advocate for well-thought-out and safe policy solutions to advance this critical technology.


Whitmore’s passion and expertise brings a new voice to the AV community as she recently earned a joint Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering and  Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. Her research explored the environmental, equity, economic, and ethical impacts of AVs. More specifically, she assessed the integration of AVs with other modes of travel to ensure equity and accessibility, while maintaining cost-efficiency, which is important to benefiting the disadvantaged, disabled, the elderly, and society as a whole.

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