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PLUM Mobility Labs

Where students explore & experience new tech and transportation.



The Labs Offer:

  • Immersive Student Learning Experiences through Gaming (VR, Driving Simulator, LEGO Robotics)

  • Proprietary Future Mobility 101 interactive student sessions. 

  • Proprietary Future Mobility 101 "Train the Trainer" for teachers. 

  • Hands on Future Mobility Tech showcases & demos. 

  • Sponsorships of K-12 and College Programming as well as Student Contests. 

  • Student Experience Projects - scoped by the PLUM team as opportunities to "hire" students.


Who We Work With 


Examples of Previous Labs

  • Mall of America Experience STEAM event with National Center for Autonomous Technologies

  • High Tech Kids PLUM-MIGIZI micro-internship

  • Star Wars Day Future of Transportation overview with MIGIZI Green Tech Internship - Sustainability Cohort

  • GigaZone TechXpo and gaming competition with Paul Bunyon Communications

  • NSTI middle school camp with University of Minnesota

  • ACES high school camp with M-North College of Engineering

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) Career Pathways camp with University of Minnesota

  • goMARTI self-driving shuttle fixtures project with NEXT Career Pathways program


Want to Join the Fun?

Do you want to join in the fun of Future Mobility with your students and teachers?

Do you have great tech to share with the next generation?

Contact us at 

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Our Technology Partners

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Gallery of Past PLUM Mobility Labs

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