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The Pitch Event Toolkit

Designed for disruptors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, our toolkit is the perfect resource for hosting a successful live pitch event.


Let our PLUM team 'catalyze' a comprehensive guide to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to create an engaging and impactful event. 


Why Host a Pitch Event?

Hosting a pitch event is a great leading-edge way to publicly solicit innovative ideas and

connect small businesses, start-ups and organizations with leaders and resources in a

community and region.

These events are a catalyst that connect government, start-up funders, talent and others and allows them to present their ideas in a competitive format that provides visibility to both the pitchers and the sponsoring organizations.


What's the Overall Goal?

Ideas are solicited through the creation of an event, pitched to a panel of judges, and awarded a prize. This guide is intended to help guide the process so that the event is

successful for both the promoters and the participants.


What Does The PLUM Catalyst Provide?

Our toolkit offers step-by-step guidance on how to:

  1. Craft a compelling pitch that captivates your audience.

  2. Plan and execute a seamless event that showcases your ideas in the best light.

  3. Engage with potential investors and partners effectively.

From how to structure your pitch to mastering the art of storytelling, our toolkit has got you covered. With The PLUM Catalyst's Pitch Event Toolkit, you're not just hosting an event, you're creating an experience that could reshape your future.


What Does the Pitch Toolkit Contain?

Your fully customizable toolkit contains:

  • Pitch Event options (standard, reverse or social enterprise)

  • Fundraising Considerations

  • Pitch Event Roles & Tech Requirements

  • Pitch Event Marketing

  • Task Timeline

  • Tips for Participants

  • Examples of other Pitches


What Are the Different Pitch Options?

A standard pitch event (in-person or virtual) is a competition that solicits proposals using an open prompt, with a high level theme.

A reverse pitch event is structured around requesting proposals on a specific problem or solution.

The social enterprise pitch event is an opportunity to organize and center an event focused on a social issue in the community.


Ready to Launch Your Pitch Event?

Are you ready to get your fully customized Pitch Event Toolkit from The PLUM Catalyst? Do you need help executing your Pitch Event? We can provide options from DIY to being your consultant for the entire event. 


Please email us: 


Host Your
Pitch Event

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