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Heidi Corcoran

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Heidi Corcoran is an operational visionary with a passion for crafting creative processes and guidelines in a high-paced, innovation-driven setting. Her expertise lies in collaboratively steering diverse teams towards achieving project goals on time and within budget. Armed with a unique blend of leadership, influence, business insight, communication, and project management skills, Heidi excels in building relationships, applying critical thinking, and taking the initiative to drive results. Beyond her operational prowess, she specializes in bridging the gap between policy, emerging technology, and communities. Heidi's dedication extends to assisting businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations in navigating the complex landscape of emerging mobility and innovation. Her particular focus on customer and client services, public outreach, and stakeholder engagement, especially in the realm of mobility and innovation policy and strategy, showcases her extensive experience. With integrity and a holistic problem-solving approach, Heidi helps clients and partners design solutions that enhance operations and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow, ensuring safe, efficient, and equitable mobility solutions.

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