The P.L.U.M. Services

Whether you are a public agency, a technology company, a university, or a non-profit, we are here help!
What can we do for you?


Introductory consultations

Designed for You

Recognizing that every client is different with different needs and expectations, The PLUM Catalyst uses a customized approach.  First listening to where you are today, and then understanding where you you want to go.  We help come up with customized recommendations of how to proceed

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Strategic Planning &
Future Proofing

Once you understand the landscape, you need a plan to move into the future

Using design thinking methodologies, we'll together explore areas related to the current vision, and develop an aligned view of the future.  The PLUM Catalyst will help provide the market insights and the facilitation so you can create customized strategies and team objectives all created in fun and interactive team workshops!
(1/2, 1 day or multiple-day options)

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Technology overviews

Translating the latest in transportation technologies for the various audiences

Understanding the latest technologies can be complicated.  Every audience deserves a translator.  The PLUM Catalyst will provide customized technology overviews including: trends, standards & regulations, ecosystem & technology partner mapping, and tech deep dives; all specifically designed for your audience


Smart City landscaping and funding

Understanding the communities of tomorrow

Cities are becoming smarter. Governments are investing millions into bringing innovative mobility solutions to their tax-payers.  As a technology provider or a non-profit, it's important to understand which cities or communities would align with your solutions.  The PLUM Catalyst will provide global overviews of smart city initiatives, deep dives in geographies of interest, highlights of the the latest agency activity related to specific mobility technology areas, funding strategies, and policy efforts related to allowing new tech access

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Ongoing market insights

Keeping you on top of the latest info

In partnership with VSI-Labs, The PLUM Catalyst insights portal subscriptions provide relevant information at your fingertips whenever you need it.  The subscriptions provide ongoing monthly insights calls with The PLUM Catalyst and the VSI team so you can always have the most up to date information from experienced market experts.  Portal subscription access is customized for government agency clients or technology providers


Strategic partnerships

Public and private partnerships

Countless entities are immensely benefiting from getting connected to the right partners. It’s time to transform your business, and The PLUM Catalyst is here to connect you to the right public or private partners to help facilitate collaborations and strategic partnerships; making stronger transportation solutions for all