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The P.L.U.M. Services

Whether you are a public agency, a technology company, a university, or a non-profit, we are here help!
What can we do for you?

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Market Development


Innovation Coaching

We believe in Social, Civic, Disruptive Innovations.

Transportation systems are innovating at a speed like no other! Innovation can (and should) come from various methods. 

The PLUM Catalyst team has certifications and experience in multiple industry and proprietary approaches to help your organizations understand how to innovate: Lean Startup, Opportunity Thinking, Disruptive Innovation, Ecosystem Mapping… to name a few…

Coaching & Advising can come in the format of customized plans, train the trainer programs, and client workshops

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Strategic Planning &
Future Proofing

New growth should be technology-based and market driven

Using design thinking methodologies, we'll together explore areas related to the current vision, and develop an aligned view of the future.  The PLUM Catalyst will help provide the market insights and the facilitation so you can create customized strategies and team objectives.

Project Management & Delivery

We believe in data driven pilot programs, test beds, agile methodology, and world class project delivery

Introducing new technologies in the highly regulating transportation industry is complicated.  We believe in designing projects that allow our clients to learn and grow new technologies in step by step approaches.  This means designing pilot programs for test beds, industry certifications, large scale deployments and allowing for adjustments through agile methodologies. 


The PLUM Catalyst team has certifications, experience, and software tools to help deliver these projects using world class project management methods.  


Community Engagement & Equity Advising

The top opportunities for advancing transportation equity include inclusive (and innovative) grassroots public engagement and interagency collaboration across all levels and sectors.

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Trend Watch

Keeping you on top of the latest info

The PLUM Catalyst Trend Watch subscriptions provide relevant information on a weekly and/or monthly basis.  The subscriptions involve interactive and fun monthly webinars and insights calls with the PLUM team members so you can always have the most up to date information from experienced market experts.  

Subscriptions and content can be customized for government agency or technology providers

The PLUM Catalyst is here to connect you to the right public or private partners to help facilitate collaborations and strategic partnerships; making stronger transportation solutions for all!


Strategic partnerships

Services: Services

The market development for Business to Government (B2G) is complicated. Period.

Market Development involves an understanding of the full ecosystem, direct connections to the working groups & key contacts, and the ability to tell the stories of the impacts of your solution.  The PLUM Catalyst supports our clients’ Market Development efforts through 6-24 month retainers, helping you transform your business and bringing your tech closer to those who need it, faster! 

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Workforce & Startup Development

Countless entities are immensely benefiting from getting connected to the right partners. 

Defining and addressing equity disparities using multiple lenses such as: gender, sexual preference, race, religion, socioeconomic, older adults, people with sensory and/or cognitive disabilities, differently-abled, single parent households, veterans, tribal communities, health equity, rural v. urban. 

Transforming the new future of transportation means also creating new career pathways and job opportunities!

The PLUM Catalyst inspires the next generation of PLUM transportation leaders through innovative camp programming options such as:

  • Future Mobility 101 sessions

  • Tech Showcases

  • Sponsorships of K-12 & College programming/contests

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